SQL Sample project

A simple project in SQL Server for beginners and intermediate levels

It is important to practice and thus apply the concepts in various situations in order to effectively understand each definition in SQL. This will give a better understanding of each function and how they can be manipulated to make your job easier!

Hence, I have always provided various project themes to my students, so that they can learn to integrate their own ideas with the concepts they have studied. Upon assessing their efforts, I am confident that this method of practicing SQL is more valuable. I have similarly given you an example of a project theme below along with the instructions for creating a database which will help you in creating your own database for the examples given in the end.

The theme of the below project will consider a college which has been scheduled to commence on 1st of July 2016 and is open for admissions. This college offers various courses; and has scheduled the last date for accepting the Admission Applications for 15th of June 2016. Students accepted for admission, maybe eligible for scholarship. The College accepts all direct payments and payments made via the online facility.

It is a full database implementation, development and data analysis project. Each block is clearly presented with a summary of what we are about to do and what needs to be done. Almost all coding elements, including queries, sub-queries, nested sub-queries, operators, string-arithmetic-advanced functions, clauses, conditions, computed columns, stored procedures, triggers, user-defined functions, etc., were implemented in this project.

For SQL file: Click here

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