Online Courses – Learn Anything From Anywhere

Now, you can improve your personal and professional skills Online or offline.

The bulk of these courses will help you achieve your life objectives. Contact us anytime to get the course content and details, as well as your learning preferences, such as whether you prefer to learn offline, online, or face-to-face.

Each course is designed to be practical, with multiple examples, sample datasets, assignments, and sample projects to explain each topic in depth. It is beneficial to beginners, as well as developers who want to improve their expertise. Additionally, after the course is completed, assistance in obtaining Microsoft, Oracle, or Cloudera certification is available.

  • SQL Server – Development
  • SQL Server – Administration
  • MySQL – Development
  • MySQL – Administration
  • Oracle SQL*Plus – Development
  • Apache Hive – Basic to Advanced
  • Big Data Technologies
  • Datawarehousing – Oracle
  • Microsoft Business Data Tools – SSRS
  • Teradata
  • Microsoft Azure SQL
  • Job Oriented Courses: Data Analyst
  • Job Oriented Courses: Big Data Analyst
  • Job Oriented Courses: SQL Database Developer
  • Job Oriented Courses: SQL Database Administrator
  • Job Oriented Courses: ETL Developer

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