XML in SQL Server

This is a list of all the articles posted on this blog about XML implementation in SQL Server.

XML in SQL Server

This is my second post on XML after 10 years. I was contented with the earlier post however I experienced more over these years and learned many things which I wanted to share with the current and future generations. Let me begin with the basics. XML is a file extension for an Extensible Markup Language…

XML in SQL Server – Part-2

In the previous part, we learned how to use the default modes and how we can change the shapes of the XML model using the same available modes. We will learn how to read the XML file that is generated by SQL Server. The code shown in the screenshot below returns a different mode than the actual modes that are available. Once the query is executed, the results are shown in…

SQL Server – Data Export to XML

One of my friend requested me to explain how many ways are there to export the data from SQL Server 2005 into an XML file. Well, this article will let you know how to export the data from SQL Server 2005 to XML using different modes. –Test DataSELECT * FROM Customers WITH (NOLOCK) Result isCustomerID…

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