Hive SerDe – Cannot validate SerDe Error

A return code or an error code is an alphanumeric or numbered code that is used to evaluate the essence of the error and why it occurred. It is difficult to define the problem in most programming languages or applications, even though there is some explanation of the error. It all seems fine, but we can’t find out exactly where the problem is.

But, most of the time, in Hive, the error summary says it all.

Look at the example given below.

The above code failed and returned the error:
Cannot validate serde: org.apache.hadoop.hive.serde2.RegexSerde

It didn’t waste my time as I found out that the problem is with the word “RegexSerde”. It was intended to be “RegexSerDe”. Hive follows the convention that database/tables names are case insensitive. Actually, Hive does not comply with SQL-92, but is heading in that direction.

After correcting the term, it successfully created the table.

Hope you find this article helpful.

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