SQL Server Agent – Blog Posts

This is a list of all the articles posted on this blog about SQL Server Agent.

Status of SQL Server Agent

SQL Server Agent is a Microsoft Windows service that executes scheduled jobs and DBAs need to ensure the Agent is running. There are several methods to know the status of the SQL Server Agent. 1) Check if the SQL Server Agent is running in Services. Control panel –> Windows Administrative Tasks –> Services 2) In SSMS…

Alert on Scheduled SQL Jobs – Missed to enable

During the deployments, windows patching or any other activity, DBAs often disable the jobs to avoid data corruption and jobs failure. Once the activity is completed, DBAs need to re-enable them. Since it is a manual intervention, it is possible that a job might be left behind from re-enabling. It happened in my case long…

Find SQL scheduled jobs to run during a specific time range

There are times when we need to know which jobs are going to run in the upcoming half an hour or so. It is quite possible and easy when you invoke the job activity monitor. However, if you want to know through a query or if you want to make a report, here is the code.SELECT…

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