SQL Server – Posts on Troubleshoot

This is a list of all the articles posted on this blog about troubleshooting on various issues.

SQL Server 2016 – Compatibility Issues – Invalid object name

If you are using SQL Server 2016 version and still you are getting the error Invalid object name ‘STRING_SPLIT’ as shown below while using the functions which are newly introduced (with the same version) –   that means the database compatibility is set to the level in which SQL Server is unable to find the functions.…

SQL Server Error Log – Search

The SQL Server error log contains user-defined events and certain system events you can use for troubleshooting. The errors and the informational data will be stored in the error logs. The data will be huge and sometimes it will be difficult to find the information or error from it.  Below is the query to retrieve…

Identify the active node in SQL Server Cluster

Probably most of the DBAs are already aware of how to identify which is active SQL Server node in the clustered environment, however, this will certainly help the beginners. The dynamic management views and functions return server state and database state information. A user who has permissions to VIEW SERVER STATE on the server and…

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