Cloudera Impala Analytical Functions

Best Usage of NTILE function in SQL Server and other RDBMSs

SQL Server NTILE() is a window function that distributes rows of an ordered partition right into a unique quantity of approximately same partition or group or buckets. The use of the function is described with a real time problem scenario.  Problem Scenario: An agency is doing unique sort of promotional events on 1st of each month. The administration wanted to peer, which promotional event has benefited the organization in each region.  USE dbTestGO CREATE TABLE…

Analytical & Window Functions

Please refer to my previous post in which schema and data for EMP and DEPT tables available. In this article we are about to discuss about SQL Server Analytical and Window functions. As stated in Microsoft docs, analytic functions calculate an aggregate value based on a group of rows. Unlike aggregate functions, however, analytic functions…

Aggregate Functions in Analytic Context

The functions SUM, AVG, COUNT, MIN, and MAX are well-known aggregate functions that we use every day. They are to compute/summarize the multiple rows by grouping them and provide a single summary value. However, when it comes to analysis, the aggregate functions carry out twofold responsibility: The same aggregate function which computes on each row…


What would you do if you were asked to identify top-ten products based on their prices? In SQL Server, using a TOP clause with a specified number of records with descending order of price? In MySQL and Impala, using a LIMIT clause with a specified number of records with descending order of price? Basically, TOP…

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