Impala – Querying in non-interactive mode

The non-interactive mode is used to run shell-scripts that admininster the zone, and the new pseudo-terminal is not allocated to this mode. Desired information can be accessed from Impala without leaving the HDFS terminal. In other words, Non-interactive mode fetches information from Impala and returns the information to the command interpreter.

The below example fetches the information from testdates table which is in dbTest database in Impala.

impala-shell -i quickstart.cloudera:21000 -d dbTest -q ‘select * from testdates’


refers to the impala-shell interpreter to specify the connection information for that instance of impalad:
quickstart.cloudera:21000 is the host and the port in which impala daemon is running.
 refers to the database to connect
-q refers to query

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