Padding Functions in Apache Hive & Apache Impala

The padding functions are used to fill the left or right side of a string with a specific set of characters. These functions are useful for formatting the output of a query. It is necessary to specify the padding length, which is a number representing the total length of the string returned after padding.

  • Note: The below specified functions are common in both Apache Hive & Apache Impala.

Apache Hive provides LPAD and RPAD features that are similar in functionality to those that available in relational database systems.

SELECT LPAD(‘bigdatansql’,19, ‘https: //’);
This returns https://bigdatansql as output.

SELECT LPAD(289,10,0);
This returns 0000000289 as output to make it 10 characters in length as provided.

SELECT RPAD(‘bigdatansql’,15,’.com’);
This returns as output to make it 15 characters in length as provided.

Refer to the below screenshot.


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