Using XPath to read XML in Hive

XPath is used to navigate through elements and attributes in an XML document. XPath Short, XPath Int, XPath Long, XPath Float, XPath Double, XPath Number, and XPath String are only a few of the XPath functions available in Apache Hive. Though each of these functions produces a different result, they all operate in the same way. All is based on the details in the XML text. No XML validation is performed however malformed xml returns an error.

Let’s do some exercises to understand how XPath can be used.

Here’s my sample XML data.
<CustName>Melanie Pike</CustName>
<CustName>Rose Moore</CustName>

My text will look like this-

Let’s create a table in Apache Hive and load this data into it.

–Creating the test table to hold the xml document in a single column.

–Importing the data into the table.
LOAD DATA LOCAL INPATH ‘Desktop/Docs/xmltest.csv’ INTO TABLE TestXML;

Now, let’s use XPath to retrieve needed information.

SELECT XPATH(line, ‘/CustInfo/CustName/text()’) as CustName,
              XPATH(line, ‘/CustInfo/CustPhone/text()’) as CustPhone


This way, XPath will help us retrieving the necessary information from the XML document.

Hope you will find this article.

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