Database Level Constraints in Hive

The following is a list of Apache Hive database level boundaries. However, many of these may have workarounds.

1) Specify where the database should be stored throughout the database creation process. There is no simple way to modify the location of a database once it has been created.

2) Specify the database properties accurately during the database creation process. They cannot be changed using ALTER statements once they have been created.

3) The database’s metadata, including its name, cannot be modified.

4) By default, Hive’s query output will not return any column names. However, Hive’s configuration property hive.cli.print.print.header must be set to true in order to see the column names in the output.

5) There is no way to determine which database is presently in use. However, Hive’s configuration property hive.cli.print.current.db must be set to true in order to see the database name in the Hive prompt.

6) Hive does not let us to delete databases that contain one or more tables. In this instance, we must either drop the tables first and then the database, or we must use the CASCADE parameter to the DROP command.

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