CDH and HDP Legacy Virtual Machines

Beginners can choose from older versions of CDH (from Cloudera) and HDP (from Horton Works) fully functional virtual machines to study and practice big data technology. Despite the fact that Cloudera and HDP have merged, fully working versions of both products may not be available without a subscription. Here are the download URLs for the archived virtual machines.

HDP VMs can be downloaded from the following link.

CDH VMs (VirtualBox, VMWare, etc.) can be downloaded from the following links.

Hope it helps.


  1. Second, since IaaS deployments replicated the on-premises HDFS storage model, they resulted in the same data replication overhead in the cloud (typical ), something that could have mostly been avoided by leveraging modern object store Finally, IaaS deployments required substantial manual effort for configuration and ongoing management that, in a way, accentuated the complexities that clients faced deploying legacy Hadoop implementations in the data center


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