Import and Export Commands in Hive

Earlier blogs described several methods for importing data or inserting data into Hive tables. Similarly, I described how to export data from Hive to HDFS, a local file system, or a relational database management system. Aside from that, there is a direct technique to import and export data from Hive to HDFS, which is explained in this post.

Syntax for Export:
export table department to ‘hdfs_exports_location/department’;
Syntax for Import:
import from ‘hdfs_exports_location/department’;

Export table emp to ‘/user/cloudera/emp1’
The above command will export the table’s data into the specified directory. When exported it will export the data as well as metadata.

Import from ‘/user/cloudera/emp1’
For testing reasons, delete the table in Hive once you’ve exported the data and execute the command above. When the above command imports data from the ‘/user/cloudera/emp1’ directory, the table will be automatically produced. Please note that if no table name is given, the filename is assumed to be the table name.

Import table EmpAnotherTable from ‘/user/cloudera/emp1’
Since we supplied a table name, the above operation will collect the data from the same directory and create a new table. This implies that by supplying various table names, we may import the data as many times as we wish.







Specific partitioned data can be imported and exported, as we’ll see in the following post.

Hope you find this article helpful.

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