What is “Success In Life”


There are a lot of images available on google that talk about ‘success in life’. There are also several books that teach us how to be successful in life. What does it mean to be successful in life? What exactly is its definition in the first place?

Is it true that leading a peaceful life is a sign of success? Is it feasible to define happiness as a measure of success? Is it true that becoming wealthy is a sign of success? Is it a sign of success to live a life of luxury? having a high profile? a wonderful corporate career opportunity? Is it a higher title that determines life success? Is a greater social standing considered a sign of life success? Which one is a successful life? All of these items are not always packaged together in a single box. They are sometimes contradictory to one another; if you have one, you’ll not get the other.

The truth is that there is no such thing as a success metric. It’s difficult to put into words. Sometimes failures appear to be successes, and sometimes successes appear to be failures. In the eyes of others, doing the right thing might appear to be a failure, and doing the wrong thing can appear to be a triumph.

“A” failed the exam, whereas “B” did exceptionally well. Who has been successful? “A” went on to become a scientist, whereas “B” went on to become an accountant. Who has been successful?

This is not a hypothetical situation; similar events have occurred in the past.

Both “X” and “Y” passed the exam and went on to work as Software engineers. Who is the winner here if “X” earns more than “Y”?

“M” is a smart person, and “N” is a trustworthy one, and they both joined the firm at the same time. After a few years, “M” was promoted to manager, but “N” remained in the same position. Who has been successful?

Both “R” and “S” are brothers. They both adored their parents and were quite close to them. “S” went to work in another country to earn more money so that their parents could live a comfortable and happy life. “R” stayed with their parents to keep them from feeling lonely. “R has no job, no title, no money, and no fame, but he was given the chance to serve their parents. Except for parents, “S” possesses everything that “R” lacks.
Who is living a successful life here?

Humanity and sacrifice are not allowed on Wall Street. It’s a great etiquette if you give others a way, but if it’s in a race, it’s a failure.

All of these instances demonstrate that success cannot be measured though everyone has their own idea of what it means to be successful. One’s high pay, position, mental status, social standing, health, money, reputation, family, and business are all important, or none at all.

What’s your point?


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