Apache Hive – Assignment-3

The majority of the blog entries are written in a style that novices may understand. I will give some practice tasks to be completed using Apache Hive in order to develop learning abilities and to provide practical exposure and knowledge growth.

There will be a set of assignments with data sets, but without solutions.

Title : StructInArray.
Dataset: Click here.


A CSV data file including Orders is supplied to you. Your assignment as follows:

Load the data based on below table-structure.
CustName STRING,
Orders Array<Struct<OrderID: Int,OrderItem: string,Qty: Int,PricePerProduct: Decimal(9,2)>>

2) Get how much a customer is paid for the specific order.
3) Get specific customer’s (CustID = 1001112) information along with his orders.

Hints: Click here.

All the best.

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