Data Tools Comparison

This is a comprehensive list of articles on this website that compare various softwares, programs or features that aid in either file system, data analysis or data transmission from one location to another.

This will provide a comprehensive image of the applications, their utilization, and their differences.

Apache Sqoop vs Apache Flume

The goal of choosing an ETL solution is to ensure that data enters Hadoop at a rate that meets analytic requirements, and top-rated Hadoop data ingestion tools like as Apache Kafka, Apache NIFI (Hortonworks DataFlow), Gobblin, Apache Flume, and Apache Sqoop are currently available. Because it’s critical to understand the differences between ETL tools, this…

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Apache Hive vs Apache Impala

The following is a comprehensive list of the differences between Apache Hive and Apache Impala. There were many differences, but the majority of them are no longer present as a result of the features added to Apache Impala, such as complex data types, and so on. Apache HiveApache ImpalaNot ideal for interactive computingIdeal for interactive…

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Query: SQL vs Apache Pig

SQL Queries are used to get data from tables by using SELECT statements with suitable filters and sorting. In this post, I’ll attempt to illustrate how to build a query in Apache Pig in a manner comparable to how SQL queries extract data. Take a look at the sample below, which summarizes salaries by department,…

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SQL vs NoSQL vs BigData

Some argue that “..relational databases are out of date and do not match current trends..”, while others contend that “..SQL cannot handle big data..” and “..SQL cannot handle unstructured data..”. There is no legitimate reasoning in it, and comparing new technology to SQL solutions is absolutely improper. To be clear, a relational database management system…

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SQL Server Partitions vs Hive Partitions

Partitioning is a way of separating tables into smaller chunks based on partition keys. Partitions, in other terms, are horizontal data slices that allow large quantities of data to be split into more manageable parts. These keys are important in determining how data is stored in the table. Partitioning is crucial in Apache Hive since…

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Difference between Local File System vs HDFS

In an operating system, file system is the strategy that is used to keep track of files on a disk. It has its own method to organize the files on the disk or partition.  HDFS will be deployed on top of the existing Operating system to bring its own file system method. This way, the…

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