SQL Server Mathematical Functions-2

SQL Server’s mathematical functions assist in calculating values. The functions will assist with fundamental addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, among other things. Let’s take a look at each one with an example.

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Mathematical Functions: 

  • POWER(x,y)
    This function returns the value of x raised to the power of Y.
    Example: SELECT POWER(3,3)
    Result: 27
  • RADIANS(x)
    Returns radians when a numeric expression, in degrees, is entered.
    Example1: SELECT RADIANS(1e-307)
    Result: 1.74532925199433E-309
    Example2: SELECT RADIANS(-45.01)
    Result: -0.785572696322647701
  • RAND(x)
    Returns a pseudo-random float value from 0 through 1, exclusive.
    Repetitive calls of RAND() with the same seed value return the same results.Example: SELECT RAND(10)
    Result: 0.713759689954247

    For one connection, if RAND() is called with a specified seed value, all subsequent calls of RAND() produce results based on the seeded RAND() call. For example, the following query will always return the same sequence of numbers.

    DECLARE @counter SMALLINT;
    SET @counter = 1;
    WHILE @counter < 5
    SELECT RAND() Random_Number
    SET @counter = @counter + 1

    0.182458908613686, 0.586642279446948, 0.852383912025182, 0.412267217007988

  • ROUND(x,y)
    This function returns the value of X rounded off to the whole integer that is nearest to it.
    Example: SELECT ROUND(6.899889,4)
    Result: 6.899900
  • SIGN(x)
    This method returns 1 if X is positive, -1 if it is negative and 0 if the value of X is 0.
    Returns the positive (+1), zero (0), or negative (-1) sign of the specified expression.
    Example: SELECT SIGN(10)
    Result: 1

  • SIN(x)
    Returns the trigonometric sine of the specified angle, in radians, and in an approximate numeric, float, expression.
    Example: SELECT SIN(30.281719)
    Result: -0.906199364985373
  • SQRT(x)
    This function returns the square root of X.
    Example: SELECT SQRT(16)
    Result: 4
  • SQUARE(x)
    Returns the square of the specified float value.
    Example: SELECT SQUARE(4)
    Result: 16
  • TAN(x);
    Returns the tangent of the input expression.
    Example: SELECT TAN(.45);
    Result: 0.483055065616578
  • Remainer from a division:
    SQL MOD() function is used to get the remainder from a division.
    Example: SELECT 20%6 for MOD
    Result: 2

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