Hue (Hadoop User Experience) is a open source and web-based interactive query editor with the most intelligent auto-completes and query editor components that enables users to administer Hadoop systems easily and interact with data warehouses.

Hue can search HDFS files in the browser without using the terminal. It also helps in extracting files from compressed files in the zip, tgz, and bz2 formats using the file browser application. Users can group MapReduce and hive script into the same category and execute them together. The progress can be monitored easily.

What else we can do-

  • Using guided navigation, you may explore, browse, and import your data.
  • Objects can be tagged for faster retrieval, project association, or to give them a more “human-readable” name.
  • Create a personalized dashboard, or schedule repeating tasks by querying your data.
  • Editors with a wide range of features that allow you to write a wide range of scripts.
  • Dashboards that you can build “on the fly” by dragging and dropping things into the Hue interface’s primary panel. There is no need to program. Then you may study your data using your personalised dashboard.
  • Schedulers, similar to dashboards, that you may create by dragging and dropping. This tool allows you to construct custom workflows and schedule them to run on a regular basis automatically.
  • A monitoring interface displays the status of jobs, logs them, and allows them to be stopped or paused.
  • The right-hand helper panel offers expert tips and recommendations for whatever application is now active in the centre panel.

Please stay in touch for more information on Hue.
Happy learning!!

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