Sqoop – Importing specific columns in HBase

The following command will import data from MySQL into Hbase columnar database for a few specified columns from a certain table.

Connect to MySQL and verify that the source table is present. Make a note of the names of the table and columns.

To move data from MySQL to Hbase, run the following command in the Hadoop terminal.

sqoop import \
–connect jdbc:mysql://localhost/dbTest \
–username root
–password root
–table tbEmployee \
–columns “EmpNo, EName” \
–hbase-table Employee \
–column-family EmpName \
–hbase-row-key EmpNo \
-m 1;

Once the transfer is completed, connect to Hbase and use the following command to check if the data is populated into the table.

scan ‘Employee’;

Hope you find this article helpful.

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