ProxySQL – The Journey Begins

ProxySQL is a powerful software load balancer and an open-source database protocol aware proxy for MySQL that provides high performance, high availability, and high availability.

Typically, a load balancer distributes network or application traffic among available servers, resulting in increased application efficiency, dependability, availability, and performance by boosting concurrent users and enhancing hardware utilization efficiency.

ProxySQL is a daemon that is monitored by a monitoring process. To reduce downtime, the process monitors the daemon and restarts it if it crashes. The daemon accepts traffic from MySQL clients and routes it to MySQL servers in the backend.

Here are some key points about ProxySQL:

  • ProxySQL’s query rewriting functionality may edit SQL statements on the fly, eliminating the requirement for the development team to rewrite queries generated by ORMs or bundled applications.
  • ProxySQL offers the ability to recognize reads and writes and route write traffic to the master and read traffic to the available slaves. Read traffic will be automatically diverted to a new slave server if there is a Replication delay, server breakdown, or replication breakage.
  • With powerful connection management and configurable routing to extend over thousands of servers, ProxySQL helps you squeeze every last drop of performance out of your MySQL cluster.
  • ProxySQL is developed on a multi-core architecture that can handle hundreds of thousands of simultaneous connections over thousands of servers.
  • By using the sophisticated query rule engine or custom plugins, ProxySQL offers sharding by the user, schema, or table.

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