AWS – EC2 Instance – Commands

You will learn the frequently used commands in this article for EC2 instances running the Linux/CentOS operating system.

1lsThis command helps in listing out the files and directories in the directory.
2mvThis command moves the files or directories from one to another location.
3cpThis command helps in copying a file.
4sudoThis command is used to utilize admin privileges.
5chmodThis command changes the permissions of a file
6chownThis command changes the ownership of a file
7rmThis command is used to remove files/directories
8catThis command is used to display the content of a file
9tailThis is used to display the last part of a file. Useful on log files
10findThis is used to search the given directory for name string and display it
11pwdpresent working directory
12adduserTo create a new user
13mkdirTo create a directory
14nanoTo bring the file in read and write mode
15viTo bring the file in read and write mode
16whoDisplays the currently logged on user
17psDisplays the list of currently running processes and process identifiers (PID)
18unameDisplays the Installed operating system
19hostnameDisplays the host information. IP address and zone
20killIt terminate a running process

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