FIND_IN_SET function in MySQL

If a string is found in a string list with N substrings, the “Find in set” function returns a value in the “1 to N” range. Using commas to separate each substring makes a string list (,). The FIND IN SET() function is streamlined to use bit arithmetic if the first parameter is a constant string and the second argument is a column of type SET. If the string isn’t found in the string list, returns 0. If either parameter is NULL, NULL is returned. If there is a comma (,) in the first argument, this function will not function correctly.

In short, the FIND_IN_SET() function returns the position of a string within a list of strings.

SELECT FIND_IN_SET(‘Sports’,’Sports,Games,Arts,Crafts’);

This function can be used in WHERE clause too.

SELECT * FROM Emp WHERE find_in_set(‘MANAGER’,Job) <> 0;

Hope you find this article helpful.

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