Using a User Defined Function while adding a column

I tried to figure out how to add the computation expression for a computed column using a user-defined function that I discovered while visiting an online forum.

Here’s an illustration.

— Create a table
CREATE TABLE dbo.Products (
ProductID int IDENTITY (1,1) NOT NULL ,
QtyAvailable SMALLINT,
UnitPrice MONEY);

— Data insertion
INSERT INTO dbo.Products (QtyAvailable, UnitPrice) VALUES (10,128),(11,29),(21,40);

— User-defined function for computation.
CREATE FUNCTION udfComputedColumn
@ipvParam1 INT, @ipvParam2 INT
RETURN @ipvParam1*@ipvParam2

— Altering the table to add a computed column using UDF.
ALTER TABLE dbo.Products ADD InventoryValue AS dbo.udfComputedColumn(QtyAvailable,UnitPrice);

SELECT * FROM dbo.Products;


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