1227 – Access denied; you need SUPER or SYSTEM_VARIABLES_ADMIN

The following error occurs frequently when using RDS MySQL, especially when you attempt to modify global parameter settings.

> 1227 – Access denied; you need (at least one of) the SUPER or SYSTEM_VARIABLES_ADMIN privilege(s) for this operation

The configuration of the database is specified by database parameters. And the parameters group is available in the RDS which usually be defined separately and then assigned to your RDS instance that determines how much memory or other resources a database will receive.


In other words, it is a group of engine configuration values called a parameter group. It provides the mapping of what you want each of these roughly 400 unique parameters to be set to.

You must modify the parameter values in the parameter group in order to prevent the problem mentioned above. You may change a value if it is modifiable. You don’t need to restart the instance if it’s dynamic.

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