Window Functions in MySQL

MySQL supports “Window functions” beginning with version 8.0. The window functions enable you to tackle query problems in new, easier, and faster ways. The following are important considerations to remember.

  • Based on a set of data, Windows and Analytic functions compute an aggregate value.
  • These functions are used in the majority of RDBMS programs and are frequently utilized by data and business analysts.
  • Windowing functions compute over a collection of table rows that are related to the current row by department, area, category, or date/time.
  • Analytic functions can be used to generate moving averages, running totals, percentages, or top-N outcomes inside a group, among other things.

The behavior of these functions is as same as in Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle SQL*Plus, Apache Hive, etc.

For sample datasets and examples, please refer to the following articles that were posted earlier in this blog.

Hope you find this article helpful.

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