SQL Server Services in Windows

Windows services are installed as part of the SQL Server and its component installations. With the operating system, these services exchange information. In Administrative Tools > Services or Windows Tools > Services, you will see five Windows services that assist in connecting the database engine, agent service, improvement program services, etc. if you are installing only the SQL Server engine.

If you are installing reporting, data management and business intelligence components along with SQL Server engine, then you will see additional services as well.

The services are:
SQL Server (MSSQLServer)
SQL Server Agent (MSSQLServer)
SQL Server Browser
SQL Server CEIP service (MSSQLServer)
SQL Server VSS Writer
SQL Server Integration Services
SQL Server Reporting Services (MSSQLServer)
SQL Server Data Quality Services
SQL Server Master Data Services
SQL Server Analysis Services

SQL Server (MSSQLServer) is the database engine service. The instance name is within the brackets. This serves as SQL Server’s backbone. If this service is not running you will not be able to connect to the instance.

SQL Server Agent (MSSQLServer) is a job scheduler service. Scheduled actions like backups or index maintenance won’t be carried out if this service is offline.

The service SQL Server Browser aids client connections in obtaining the data required to establish a connection to SQL Server instances on the active server.

SQL Server CEIP service (MSSQLServer) is a service for the Customer Experience Improvement Program.
The service SQL Server VSS Writer offers a user interface for backing up and restoring Microsoft SQL Server using the Windows VSS infrastructure.

The SQL Server integration services, data quality services, and master data services are all used for data management. Data cleansing, transformation, data transfer, etc will be handled with these tools.

SQL Server provides SQL Server Analysis Services for data analysis (SSAS). Reports and data visualization are offered by SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

Refer to the screenshots:

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