SQL Server – Connecting through GUI

An integrated environment for managing any SQL infrastructure, from SQL Server to Azure SQL Database, is SQL Server Management Studio. Since its introduction with Microsoft SQL Server 2005, this software program has been extensively used by developers, business analysts, and DBAs for data analysis as well as for the development, configuration, management, and administration of all Microsoft SQL Server components.

Let’s see how to connect to the instance using SSMS.


You must have a login to connect to the instance. The login is usually provided by the DBAs. If the instance is running on your local machine you’ll need to provide the user credentials that were created during the installation.

The details it requires to connect to the instance are –
Server Type:  Which SQL Server service to connect to must be specified here. Choose it from the dropdown menu if the installation includes services other than a database engine, such as analysis services, integration services, reporting services, or Azure Storage.

Server Name:
  Indicate the named instance or the default instance that you want to connect to.

Authentication Type:
Choose either Windows authentication or SQL Server authentication based on what you configured during the installation. If you choose windows authentication, it will read your windows credentials and validate if your credentials have enough permissions to connect. If you choose SQL Server authentication, you will be asked to provide the username and password.

Hope you find this article helpful.

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